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Daimyo was founded in 2010 by Manuel Flores and his wife Brenda Soto. We take pride in having a roster of highly decorated instructors that lead our students and help them achieve their goals both on and off the mats. Our instructors are highly skilled in BJJ and self defense and many of them come from Military and Law Enforcement backgrounds. Whether you are looking to get in shape, grow your confidence, learn self-defense or be and active competitor we can help you achieve your goals. We offer a free trial for new students, come in and learn why we are premier academy in Arizona. You will be able to train among World and National champions who will help you develop your skills and confidence. The academy continues to grow every day allowing students with no background in combat training to start in a safe and fun environment in our Fundamental classes under the watchful eye of Professor Crisantos Rivera and his roster of assistant instructors. 

For women who would like to train under a women only program we offer a full schedule of women only classes. In them you will be able to grow under the watchful eye of Professor Brenda Soto and her roster of assistant instructors. Under Professor Brenda the first and only women only program in Arizona was created at our academy, this has inspired other academies in seeing the value of helping women start their journey in an environment where they feel comfortable. She takes pride in having the biggest women only program in the state. 

Our award winning Kids BJJ classes are taught by an incredible group of instructors lead by Professor Flores and Professor Soto along with their assistant instructors. The kids classes are divided into ages 4-6,7-9 and 9-15. Kids love the way instructors show they care about their growth and their achievements, it is not uncommon to see classes 30 kids deep!

The kickboxing program is under the guidance of Professor Rivera on Wednesdays and under Professor Lenny Wong on Saturdays. We offer classes for both kids and adults on both days. Our program will show you a realistic, safe and professional approach to the art of stand up fighting using combinations and techniques from Boxing, Kickboxing and Muay Thai. 

The academy moves forward creating champions on and off the mats under the watchful eye of Professor Manuel Flores. His vision for the academy grows beyond achieving medals and transcends into helping people become stronger both in mind and body. "All of my energy goes into developing the best academy within my ability. I want people to come in and feel happy and confident that they are in a place real growth happens. I have no time nor patience for drama nor politics. I am only concerned with being the best instructor and friend to my students and a role model for the kids in our program"

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Meet your instructors

Manuel Flores

 Manuel Flores was born and raised in Guadalajara, Mexico. His family relocated to the US when he was 14 years old. After moving to the US Manuel started to train and compete in both wrestling and Kickboxing, winning the grand championship at the age of 16 in kickboxing. Professor Flores dedicated majority of his life to the service of his community by working both for the Department of Corrections and later for the Tucson Police Department. Prof. Flores was part of many special details while working for the Police Department, his most proud achievement there was promoting to Sergeant where he could help mold the officers of the future. Prof. Flores managed to keep a busy schedule with competition while raising a family and continuing with his public service. He competed and won his bouts in both MMA (RITC) and Boxing (police olympics). In BJJ Prof. Flores loved competing in the AZ circuit, achieving multiple gold medals. At the international level Prof. Flores has competing at the Masters worlds, US Nationals and Pan Ams, winning  silver and bronze multiple times. Prof. Flores continues to compete but his main focus is the growth of his students. You can find Prof. Flores on the mats rolling and teaching 6 days per week, helping and guiding his students to achieve their goals

Brenda Soto

Brenda Soto was born and raised in Nogales, Mexico. Her family relocated to the US when she was 15 years old. Prof. Soto has won both her division and the absolute at the IBJJF Pan Ams both as a brown belt and as a black belt. When Prof. Soto started training she noticed the BJJ community needed to be more welcoming to women wanting to train and offer more options for them. When she and her husband opened their academy in 2010 Prof. Soto started the first women only program in the state of Arizona. As her program grew this inspired other academies to to the same and offer a safe environment for women to start training. Prof. Soto continued her education while leading her academy and later achieved her certification in RTT (Hypnosis lead therapy) Prof. Soto now works with individuals, athletes and companies of all sizes to help them achieve personal development and success. You can find Prof. Soto on the mats 6 days per week, helping and guiding her students to achieve their goals

Chris Rivera

Crisantos Rivera started his BJJ journey in 2005 as a way to better prepare himself for the challenges his job presented. To his day Prof. Rivera serves his community as a CBP agent. After a successful career as a bodybuilder and powerlifter Prof Rivera switched his focus to BJJ full time. As he progressed he began competing and medaled in several competitions including Pan Ams, Vegas Open and AZ State Championships. "I truly enjoy watching the progression of the Daimyo students as they evolve, from learning to shrimp to the perfect application of an arm bar" You can find Prof. Rivera coaching his students along with his assistant instructors throughout the week at our academy. Prof. Rivera does an incredible job at teaching our fundamental classes along with Kickboxing classes on Wednesday. 


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